There has been a raging debate here at the Burningpavement offices. It's really the age-old question. Are you a breast or a butt man (ladies: read this as chest or butt woman). We never said we were great thinkers here at BP! And the conversation digressed to a bitch session about how an unnamed significant other was flat out refusing to ride 2 up to test ride a 2011 Triumph Bonneville. Why? Because the seat was a pain in her ass. Literally. So how to get rid of the ass headache and get the girl back in the saddle?

Failing swapping out the factory seat for a custom, the next best thing may be the Butty Buddy. Bad name, interesting product. (Sort of like Smuckers..with a name like that it's GOT to be good) The Butty Buddy is a removeable passenger seat that provides size, fit and cushioning to support the butt and the lower back. Made of hi-density closed cell cushioning and sporting a concave ergonomic shape similar to that of the factory driver's seat on a Harley Softail, the 13.5" seat is easily fitted to any type of bike, cruiser, sport and even custom bikes. Got a gunslinger seat but found a partner in crime? The Butty Buddy sets up in only 15 seconds after the initial setup. Using positioning stops to hold the pad securely on the existing seat, you then secure the seat to the bike with nylon 'anti-blowoff' straps. For customs and gunslinger seats, the pads swap out for suction cups to attach the seat securely to the fender without causing any marks on your Sons of Anarchy paint job.

Priced at $149.95, the Butty Buddy is more expensive than the gel and foam pads you can pick up at your local shop, and seems to be better constructed than their competition, the Butt Buffer. We're hoping that this will help us get out of the garage 2 up more often and over the state line for long crisp fall rides.

And by the way, no surprise, BP are butt men!

Get your butt in the saddle here.